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What is it?

ProCamPlus and ProCamPlus HD give you eyes and ears anywhere in the world in real time. View an unlimited number of webcams from multiple computers with easy setup. Keep an eye on your home, your older family member, children's baby-sitter, your patient, your pet, vacation property, boat at the dock, livestock, RV, your car, motorcycle, office or your office staff - the possibilities are endless!

Unlike copycat Apps that you might of tried, this App will give you the ability to have UNLIMITED number of preset webcams with no need to purchase anything,
no advertising to bother you and total security with
the multi level password and port setting features.

With ProCamPlus, you can:

  • View high quality, real-time video up to an amazing adjustable 30 frames per second
  • Record videos to desktop computer to conserve space
  • Take snapshots of videos - Live or recorded ones
  • Access recorded videos and stream from desktop
  • Adjust webcam image settings such as brightness and exposure
  • Listen in using a webcam with integrated microphone
  • View multiple webcams at once on the same screen
  • Stream video on 3G cellular data networks, EDGE and WI-FI

It is $12.99 for the iPhone and $12.99 for your iPad.

Why Use ProCamPlus?

ProCamPlus has no monthly fees, no membership requirements and no expensive desktop computer software. It's a stable application for your iPhone, your iPad and iPad2 that delivers a big set of features at a very low price. Also, your video stream runs directly from your computer to your iPad or iPhone…Absolutely NO other computer or server is between you and your live video.

Setup is as easy as:

  • Purchase ProCamPlus for your iPhone or ProCamPlus HD for your iPad via the Apple® App Store
  • Download the appropriate desktop software by clicking one of the blue arrows to the top right of this page.
  • Add your camera to ProCamPlus for your iPhone and ProCamPlus HD for your iPad using the External IP address of your computer
    ( Your current External IP is: )
  • Your internal IP address should be give to you by the desktop software you downloaded once installed and started

Note: The presence of firewalls and routers can inhibit the operation of streaming applications. If you experience difficulties with your network and/or computer configuration, please read the full support documentation on this page completely.

For more details and our setup guide, please click here and please remember that we are always here to help walk you thru the setup if needed. We know you will have as much fun with this App as we have had building it.

Your Current External IP Address Is:

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